About us


We believe everyone has the right to the services of a financial advisor and although these services are often beyond the reach of many of the population, we aim to price ourselves at an affordable level.
The right financial advice at the right cost
As you go through life, there are many occasions when you need proper financial advice. Things such as investments, the birth of a child, the death of a family member, gaining an inheritance or in the worse situation of all, losing your job. These are all critical times and without the correct financial advice, poor decisions that you will later come to regret, are made. In these situations, quick, unbiased information is essential. Advice that does what’s best for you and that removes emotion entirely from the equation. More importantly, advice that won’t break the bank.
In what other areas can we offer advice?
We have learnt over the years, that there are many areas which we can provide excellent advice to you as an individual, or even as a business owner.
• Investments

Are you thinking of investing at some point? What will you invest in – shares or unit trusts? Alternatively, do you currently own shares and are too scared to make any decision on buying or even selling them. That is where our investment experts come in. Not only do they have an extensive knowledge of investing, but they will give you the right advice at the right time. It remains your decision to act, but you know full well that you have received all the knowledge you need to do so. Future investments are also critical, scanning the markets for a good deal. Often, as a business owner, you just do not have the time to do this. We can help you find those deals, invest in them and watch your capital grow.


  • Mortgages and insurance packages

Looking to buy a house or upgrade insurance on your existing home? Our financial advisors can help find you the best mortgage and insurance rates, giving you a range of options to act upon.

  • Pension

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your working life, your pension is so important to help sustain you once your working days are over. The problem is, many people waste all of their pension money when moving between jobs. If you are changing jobs, let us help you to invest your pension wisely, ensuring that it continues to grow, providing you with the capital you need when you retire. Should you need to decide on various options at your current place of employment, we can guide you towards the best pension for your future. We do this by showing you the advantages and risks of each different fund option and suggest the best one for not only your current situation but for what the future may hold as well.

Customer testimonials

Our financial advisors are back by hundreds of customer testimonials – 5-star feedback in a variety of financial situations where we have not only helped someone but given them financial piece of mind. Our clients become our friends and return time and time again when they need any form of financial advice. Sometimes we think they just come back for the coffee! In all seriousness, we pride ourselves on not only our financial knowledge but the fact that we put you, our customer first and foremost, providing the best advice in your unique financial situation.

Our advisors are registered

We ensure that each and every one of our financial advisors are adequately screened and checked before we employ them. We need to know that we employ the best so we ensure that each advisor is registered and vetted appraised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We offer a range of other services when it comes to your financial problems or investments. Our service is effective, fast and friendly, helping you financially when you need it most.